Big Boy

Tomato-Big-Boy-fWidth: 24-36 in. Height: Indeterminate Description: An old time favorite with very large globe shaped fruit about 1 to 2 pounds each. Dark scarlet red fruit with thick walls and great flavor. Perfect base for many cooked dishes and superb on sandwiches. Ideal for salads, soups and for pickling. Water well in warm weather and fertilize with liquid or slow release plant food for best results.


Tomato-Better-Boy-fWidth: 24-36 in. Height: Indeterminate Description: A very useful tomato with 8-16 oz round fruit with great color and flavor. Ideal for salads, soups, hot dishes, pickling and superb on sandwiches. Water well to prevent drying out in warm weather and fertilize with liquid or slow release plant food for best results.

Beefy Boy

Tomato-Beefy-Boy-fWidth: 2-3' Height: Indeterminate Description: Gigantic size and gigantic taste! A meatier tomato as big as 12-16 oz, with excellent disease and virus resistance. Deep red, round and smooth, ripening uniformly on the vine. Perfect for salads, sauces, hot dishes, or eaten straight from the vine. Water well in warm weather. Matures in 70 days.


TomatoNewBeefmasterWidth: 30" Height: Indeterminate Description: Strong vines yield large quantities of meaty tomatoes up to tow pounds each. A large, deep red, full flavored fruit with good disease resistance. Indeterminate. Use in salads, sandwiches, hot dishes, soups and sauces. For best results feed with a liquid or slow release fertilizer.

Aunt Rubys

Aunt-Rubys-German-GreenWidth: 2-3" Height: Indeterminate Description: Generations of gardeners have delighted in the flavorful fruit and unique color of heirloom tomatoes! This outstanding green tomato ripens to a pale green with a tint of yellow and has a pink blush underneath that extends inside the flesh.. Aunt Rubys German Green originates from Germany and is a family heirloom tomato, meaning the seeds have been passed down through several generations. Gourmet restaurants across the country feature this large, 12-16 ounce beefsteak with a sweet, yet spicy flavor that is refreshingly delicious! use in soups, salads, sauces, cooked dishes, and on sandwiches for lush, vine-ripened, sun-warmed, juicy, and ready to burst flavor! Water well in warm weather. This old-fashioned indeterminate variety will need a stake or tomato tower for support. 80 days to maturity.

Arkansas Traveler

Tomato-Arkansas-trav-fWidth: 2-3' Height: Indeterminate Description: As "everyone's favorite tomato", this pre-1900 variety has incredibly delicious, creamy, mild fruit. Produces an abundance of 6-8 ounce, round, baseball-sized, pink-red fruit. One of the best all-around varieties for the home garden- canning, drying, slicking, in salsas, or eating fresh. Blemish-free and tolerates height heat and humidity: resistance to cracking and disease.

Amish Paste

Tomato-Amish-Paste-fWidth: 2-3' Height: Indeterminate Description: An old Amish heirloom that dates back to the turn of the century! Generations have used this tomato in sauces and for canning. Full and rather unusual flavor. Said to taste the best of all paste tomatoes. Tasty, solid flesh used for stews, bottling, drying, and sauces. 8-12 oz. plum shaped fruit. Twice as big as the classic Roma tomato. Great in salsa, catsup or spaghetti sauce. Excellent for slicing. Bright red.


TomatoWidth: 2-3' Height: Determinate Description: After growing this meaty tomato in my own garden, I can vouch for its excellent disease resistance and heat tolerance. This plant has large, juicy red fruits that are perfect for slicing on salads and sandwiches. I also use the tasty fruits in my home made sauces, and cooked dishes. The smooth, round tomatoes ripen uniformly and are extremely productive. Average days to maturity 75.