December Garden Tips

How to Store Canna lily and Dahlia Bulbs Overwinter

Dig up the bulbs after the first frost. Insert a spade into the soil at a 45-degree angle under the bulb. Slowly lift the spade and pry the bulb out of the ground.

Shake off the soil from the bulb and rinse the bulb off in warm water.

Before storing the bulbs, it is best to let them dry for several weeks.

Once dried out, it is time to store that bulbs. Put them in a burlap bag with some peat moss.

Store the burlap bag in a cool, dark place.

Check your bulbs periodically to make sure none are rotting. If so cut away any parts of the bulb that is rotting.

As long as the temperature in the storage area doesn’t drop below freezing, and no rot sets in, you will be able to replant the bulbs in the spring.

Pruning in December

Prune back Maples, grapevines, and climbing roses.

To keep plants healthy, prune out any dead, diseased and damaged branches on trees and shrubs at any time.

To reduce the spread of disease, we recommend that all debris under plants be removed and disposed of properly.  

November Garden Tips

In the lawn rake, the leaves off your lawn regularly and put down a winter fertilizer. We recommend Jonathan Green’s Winter Survival fertilizer to strengthen the roots and green up the lawn quicker in the Spring and become more resistant to disease and drought. Come into Zaino’s; we have it in stock.

Now is a great time to take advantage of the warmer days to decorate outside for the holidays. Stop by Zaino’s Nursery for all your holiday decorating needs.

October Garden Tips

Plant new trees and shrubs early in the month so they have time to develop a good root system.

Divide perennials that bloom in the spring and summer.
Now is a good time to divide peonies, phlox, daylilies, and iris.

Cut flowers, such as strawflower, statice, and celosia, for drying.
Hang upside down in a dry, well-ventilated area out of direct sunlight.

Bring houseplants indoors before night temperatures drop below 55°F.
Check for insects.

If the weather is dry, water plants deeply.
Evergreens will especially need moisture in the soil for the winter months ahead.

Deadhead perennials.
Remove and discard dead and diseased foliage to reduce infection next year.

Spring flowering bulbs can be planted from September until mid-November.

Leave the last rose blossoms of summer on plants to encourage dormancy.

Birds are beginning to migrate south.
Restock bird feeders and put out fresh water to help them on their long journey.