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Let’s Talk About Chef Jeff’s Tomato Varieties

Tomatoes need a long growing season with moderate temperatures, full sun and nighttime lows need to between 60 to 75 degrees for tomato flowers to set.  To support the growing fruit plant along a trellis or in a tomato cage to have a secure base to stake the plant as it grows.

Beefsteak – Large Fruit (12-16 oz) – Highly disease resistant
Big Boy – Large Fruit (12-18 oz) – Meaty texture, Smooth Skin
Early Girl – Medium/Small Fruit (4-6 oz) – One of the earliest to fruit
Beefmaster – Medium/Large Fruit (8-12 oz) – Highly disease resistant

Mr. Stripey – Very Large Fruit (16-24 oz) – Great color and flavor
Mortgage Lifter – Super-Large Fruit (2-3 lbs) – Outstanding flavor and texture
Brandywine – Medium to Large Fruit (10-16 oz) – The best for flavor
Jet Star – Medium Fruit (8-10 oz) – Sweet Flavor

Sweet 100 – High-yielding – Extra Sweet flavor
Grape – Excellent Texture – Highly disease resistant
Rapunzel – Super High-yielding – Sweet flavor
Yellow Plum – Unique color and shape – Super-sweet flavor

Lemon Boy – Medium Fruit (6-10 oz) – Low acidity
Black Krim – Medium to Large Fruit (10-12 oz) – Robust Heirloom flavor