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Let’s Talk about Over-seeding an Existing Lawn

Lawn Seeding Guide, Why, When, and What Products to Use for Best Long-term Results


Over-seeding, planting grass over an existing lawn, helps to correct turf that is damaged and thin from environmental stresses which can include:

  • Nutrient deficiency
  • Low pH
  • Temperature extremes
  • Over- or under-watering
  • Faulty irrigation system
  • Watering during the wrong time of day
  • Soil problems
  • Prolonged exposure to shade or traffic


If your lawn looks and feels worn-out, the cooler temperatures at the end of summer, and the beginning of fall lend themselves to the perfect time to over-seed and feed the lawn. The seed will germinate better when temperatures are cooler, rainwater is plentiful, the ground is still warm, and weeds are less active and competing for water and nutrient.


Now that you have decided to over-seed, the next important step is to select a grass seed that will fill bare stops quickly and create a green and healthy lawn in the future. Zaino’s Nursery and Garden Center is proud to carry Jonathan Green Black Beauty Grass Seed products and recommends Black Beauty Fall Magic.

Black Beauty varieties:

  • Include beneficial endophytes, which help to make the grass naturally resistant to insect damage
  • Are drought- and disease-tolerant
  • Have an incredible dark-green color
  • Need far less water and fertilizer than competitive cultivars

Your lawn’s pH should be between 6.2 and 7.  If you are uncertain of the pH level, stop by Zaino’s and pick up a pH test kit. If your pH is low (below 6.2), then be sure to grab a bag of Mag-I-Cal to adjust it. 

Adding Jonathan Green Love Your Soil helps to loosen soil that is hard and compacted. Growing a lawn under these conditions is difficult because water and air will not be able to penetrate the root zone.  Without grassroots turf has very little ability to take up water and nutrients. An application of Love Your Soil will help to correct the problem.

Giving your lawn an extra boost of nutrients to store up for those winter months will give your grass a jump-start in the spring. Green-Up for Seeding and Sodding is rich in potassium, an essential nutrient needed for the root development of grass seed and newly cut sod.  Use Green-Up for Seeding and Sodding ON THE SAME DAY that you seed or sod.  Of course, if you have a soil problem (pH or compaction), then you will use Mag-I-Cal and or Love Your Soil ON THE SAME DAY, as well.

If you have additional questions about the use of any of these products, please stop by Zaino’s Nursery and speak to a Zaino’s Associate. We are here to help!