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Let’s Talk About Second Chances

All too often this hot and dry summer season, customers have returned dying plants to Zaino’s Nursery and Garden Center due to lack of proper watering. Watering is a simple yet essential daily part of caring for trees and shrubs that unfortunately goes unchecked once planted in the ground.

The following is an example of how proper watering can make all the difference in the health of a new shrub.

In July, a customer returned two hydrangeas for store credit. A Zaino’s Associate took one look at the plants and knew they were not dead and that the shriveled leaves were due to insufficient water.

The Associate took one hydrangea under her care. She pruned out all the dead leaves and blooms, gave it a thorough watering, and crossed her fingers.

She took the plant home and watered it regularly in its original container for weeks. Notice all the healthy new growth.

In September, she gave the hydrangea a new home in her garden bed.