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Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Grandiflorum’

Latin Name
Rhododendron catawbiense ‘Grandiflorum’ (H-1)
Common Name
Grandiflorum Catawba Rhododendron

Beautiful clusters of large, long-lasting, lilac trumpet-shaped flowers are displayed on dense, deep green foliage. Excellent as an accent or background shrub in a mixed border or foundation planting, en masse as a showy group planting, or as an informal hedge.
Zone: 4 to 8
Height: Moderate growing; reaches 5 to 6 ft. tall
Width: 5 to 6 ft. wide
Light: Partial Sun
Water:  Water deeply, regularly in first growing season to establish an extensive root system; once established, prefers evenly moist but not soggy soil. 
Soil: Provide organically rich, acidic, well-drained soil with a thick layer of mulch to keep roots cool.